Marie Curie and ERC PoC grants for Miguel Aleman Garcia and Maarten Merkx

Dr. Miguel Aleman Garcia has been awarded a personal ‘Marie Curie grant’ from the European subsidy program Horizon 2020. Prof. Maarten Merkx recently received an ERC Proof of Concept grant.

Marie Curie grant for Miguel Aleman Garcia

The project ‘Grasping the interaction of proteins’ of Dr. Miguel Aleman Garcia focuses on the building of complex supramolecular structures. Miguel Aleman Garcia will be combining disc-shaped molecules into long wires with the goal of binding proteins and pieces of DNA and RNA onto them. In this way, he wants to influence the behavior and activation of specific proteins. The objective is to expose the complex interaction between proteins in our cells in the hope, for instance, of gaining more insight into the origin of diseases. Miguel Aleman Garcia works as a postdoc in the research group Chemical Biology of Prof. Luc Brunsveld.

The personal ‘Marie Curie’ grant is worth nearly 166,000 euros per person for two years. The three projects awarded at the TU/e this year. Officially, the grants are classified as Marie Sk?odowska-Curie actions (SKCA) by Horizon 2020, the European Commission’s current subsidy program.

ERC Proof of Concept grant for Maarten Merkx

Prof. Maarten Merkx recently received an ERC Proof of Concept grant to further develop his research line on using light emitting proteins for point-of-care diagnostics, focusing on drug monitoring of therapeutic antibodies by use of a smart phone camera. To take the next step towards clinical and commercial translation, the research group will develop and validate a prototype point-of-care test.