TU/e student team T.E.S.T. wins 2 competitions in a row

Student team T.E.S.T. won prizes in the TU/e Contest and in the Eindhoven BrainsAward. The societal relevance of their idea made the difference: they are developing a creatinine biosensor with which kidney patients can monitor their kidney function with just a smartphone and a single drop of blood.

The TU/e Contest is a competition that invites students to come with innovative ideas and develop these into prototypes. During the finals on May 17th, the winners were chosen by a jury comprising TU/e chairman Jan Mengelers and representatives of organizations such as Brunel, Accenture, Brightlands, KIC InnoEnergy, ASML, FEI Company, VDL, Medtronic and the Ministry of Defence. Out of the188 participants, T.E.S.T. made it through to the last 20 finalists. During the finals they won three prizes: the prize from Medtronic, one from Brightlands, and the prize for the best Prototype. In addition to receiving a sum of money to support their investigations, the students can count on support of the TU/e Innovation Lab and a work space at the High Tech Campus so that they can further develop their innovation.

One week after the TU/e Contest, the students of T.E.S.T. pitched in the finals of the BrainsAward, a student competition in the Eindhoven region, where T.E.S.T. won the academic innovation prize. The jury very much appreciated the application idea that could save millions of lives.

Student team T.E.S.T. (abbreviation for TU/e SensUs Team) is founded to join the international student competition SensUs. With the total prize money of 9000 euro, they will develop their idea toward a working prototype, which they will present at the finals of the SensUs Competition on September 9th and 10th 2016 at Eindhoven University of Technology.  

International competition SensUs 2016

SensUs is the first international student competition on molecular biosensors for healthcare applications, founded by honors students of the TU/e and guided by professor Menno Prins. In this competition, student teams in 5 different countries develop a prototype biosensor system. The focus of this year’s competition is on the molecule creatinine, which is a marker for kidney function.  1.7 million people in the Netherlands suffer from chronic kidney damage and early detection is necessary, according to the Dutch Kidney Foundation ‘De Nierstichting’. Over time, this can even lead to severe renal failure, which in some cases can require dialysis or transplantation. The earlier the kidney damage can be detected, the greater will be the chance of success of the treatment.

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