Marie Curie Integration grant for Cecilia Sahlgren

Cecilia Sahlgren received a Marie Curie Integration grant for the project StressFate. The proposed research combines molecular stem cell biology and biomaterial engineering. The specific focus is to understand the crosstalk between the mechanical properties of the microenvironment and signaling mechanisms regulating cell fate in cardiac progenitor cells (CPCs). The ultimate goal is to generate scaffolds for cardiac regeneration by combining the necessary biological and mechanical cues.

The specific aims are to:

  1. develop a 3D in vitro model system for cardiac regeneration;
  2. identify the activity profile and function of key signaling mechanisms in CPC survival and differentiation;
  3. understand how these mechanisms are influenced by the mechanical microenvironment and vice versa ;
  4. use the knowledge to generate a functional biomaterial combining the mechanical features with controlled delivery of biological signals to regulate cardiac regeneration from cardiac stem cells.