Employees by sub department

Below you find a list of all employees of the department Biomedical Engineering grouped by sub department.

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Name Positioncategory Position descr. Room Tel. number Email
Prins, prof.dr.ir. M.W.J. HGL Hoogleraar FLX 5.108 +31 40-247 4018 Email to Prins, prof.dr.ir. M.W.J.
Albertazzi, dr. L. UHD Universitair Hoofddocent CE 0. Email to Albertazzi, dr. L.
Delcanale, P. OWP Onderzoeker GEM-Z 0. Email to Delcanale, P.
Glinkowska Mares, A.K. OWP Onderzoeker GEM-Z 0. Email to Glinkowska Mares, A.K.
Yan, dr. J. PD Postdoc FLX 5.112 Email to Yan, dr. J.
Boonen, ir. R.J.E.A. PhD Stud. Promovendus STO 3.26 +31 40-247 4186 Email to Boonen, ir. R.J.E.A.
Lubken, ir. R.M. PhD Stud. Promovendus FLX 5.112 Email to Lubken, ir. R.M.
Riera Brillas, R. PhD Stud. Promovendus CE 0. Email to Riera Brillas, R.
Plompen, C.M.C. Secretary Secretaresse CE 1.31 +31 40-247 5074 Email to Plompen, C.M.C.

Total persons: 9