ir. W. (Wouter) Engelen - Expertise

Engelen, ir. W.
Address :
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
P.O. Box 513
Department :
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Section :
Protein Engineering
Positioncategory :
University Teacher / Researcher (OWP)
Position :
Former Doctoral Candidate
Room :
STO 3.24
Tel :
+31 40-247 2267
Tel (internal) :
Email :

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Wouter Engelen (1987) received his Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology  (TU/e) in 2011 where he continued with his master in Biomedical Engineering in the research group of Chemical Biology of prof. dr. ir. L. Brunsveld. Here he worked on the development of splitGFP-lipid constructs as a tool to monitor the dynamics of synthetic cell membranes. Subsequently he did an internship in the group of dr. Phan at the School of Physics and Mathematical Sciences of the Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore, where he worked on the characterization of a DNA-peptide lyase intermediate using NMR spectroscopy. For his master thesis he worked in the Protein Engineering group of dr. M. Merkx at the TU/e on the DNA-directed control of enzyme-inhibitor complex formation as a modular approach to reversibly switch enzyme activity. After receiving his Master’s degree in 2014, he started his PhD in the group of dr. M. Merkx on the development of novel diagnostic techniques for the sensitive and selective detection of antibodies in serum and saliva.