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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Bader, prof.dr. D.L. STB HGL GEM-Z 3.113 +31 40-247 4063 Email to Bader, prof.dr. D.L.
Bakermans, A.J. BNMR OWP HTC 11 0. Email to Bakermans, A.J.
Bakker, ir. L.M.M.L. CVB PhD Stud. GEM-Z 0. Email to Bakker, ir. L.M.M.L.
Bakker, ir. M.H. BM PhD Stud. STO 3.23 Email to Bakker, ir. M.H.
Ballone, A. CB PhD Stud. STO 3.30 +31 40-247 3584 Email to Ballone, A.
Barbarotta, L. MSc CVB PhD Stud. GEM-Z 4.10 +31 40-247 2644 Email to Barbarotta, L. MSc
Bax, dr. N.A.M. STB OWP GEM-Z 4.108 +31 40-247 4830 Email to Bax, dr. N.A.M.
Beckers, L.M.M. BOC STG STO 0. Email to Beckers, L.M.M.
Belda Gonzalez, R. R. OPB PhD Stud. GEM-Z 0. Email to Belda Gonzalez, R. R.
Berendschot, dr. T.T.J.M. BMIA OWP GEM-Z 2.106 Email to Berendschot, dr. T.T.J.M.
Bezembinder, M.T.H. MSc CB PhD Stud. CE 0.04 +31 40-247 5559 Email to Bezembinder, M.T.H. MSc
Biemans, Y.M.J. STB Secretary GEM-Z 4.115 +31 40-247 2279 Email to Biemans, Y.M.J.
Blezer, ir. C.J.M. QME TOIO FLX 0. Email to Blezer, ir. C.J.M.
Boer, dr. A. CB OWP GEM-Z 0. Email to Boer, dr. A.
Bonito, V. STB PhD Stud. GEM-Z 4.09 +31 40-247 5675 Email to Bonito, V.
Boogaard - de Bruin, C.C.F. van den DB OBP GEM-Z 1.114 +31 40-247 4620 Email to Boogaard - de Bruin, C.C.F. van den
Boonen, ir. R.J.E.A. MBx PhD Stud. STO 3.26 +31 40-247 4186 Email to Boonen, ir. R.J.E.A.
Bor, N.N. BBMT OBP GEM-Z 1.115 +31 40-247 3436 Email to Bor, N.N.
Bosboom, E.M.H. CVB OWP GEM-Z 4.103 +31 40-247 3027 Email to Bosboom, E.M.H.
Boskman, drs. C.B. EBMT OBP GEM-Z 1.109 +31 40-247 7355 Email to Boskman, drs. C.B.
Bosnacki, dr. D. BSP UD GEM-Z 3.101 +31 40-247 5159 Email to Bosnacki, dr. D.
Bouten, prof.dr. C.V.C. STB HGL GEM-Z 4.117 +31 40-247 3006 Email to Bouten, prof.dr. C.V.C.
Bovendeerd, P.H.M. CVB UD GEM-Z 4.119 +31 40-247 4087 Email to Bovendeerd, P.H.M.
Bracco Gartner, T.C.L. MSc STB PhD Stud. GEM-Z 0. Email to Bracco Gartner, T.C.L. MSc
Breeuwer, M. BMIA HGL GEM-Z 2.101 +31 40-247 5514 Email to Breeuwer, M.
Brekelmans, W.A.M. MoM OWP GEM-Z 4.128 +31 40-247 2843 Email to Brekelmans, W.A.M.
Bresseleers, J. BOC PhD Stud. STO 3.33 Email to Bresseleers, J.
Breuer, B.J.T. BMOD PhD Stud. GEM-Z 3A.2 +31 40-247 5573 Email to Breuer, B.J.T.
Broeren, M.A.C. CB OWP STO 0. Email to Broeren, M.A.C.
Brouns, J.E.P. MSc BM PhD Stud. STO 3.45 +31 40-247 3029 Email to Brouns, J.E.P. MSc
Brunsveld, L. CB HGL STO 3.37 +31 40-247 2870 Email to Brunsveld, L.
Bulsink, J.A. CVB OBP GEM-Z -01.13 +31 40-247 7397 Email to Bulsink, J.A.
Buskermolen, ir. A.B.C. STB PhD Stud. GEM-Z 4.09 Email to Buskermolen, ir. A.B.C.

Total persons: 33