After completing your Bachelor

When you successfully complete your Bachelor Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences at the TU/e, you get a diploma and you may use the title Bachelor of Science (BSc). Many graduates continue with a Master's program. You can choose from a wide range of Master's programs at both domestic and foreign universities.

Connecting Master's programs at the TU/e

After your Bachelor Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences at the TU/e, you can choose from two consecutive Masters from the Graduate Program Built Environment:

Master Architecture, Building and Planning  
Master Construction, Management and Engineering

You can continue studying for a Master's degree in two ways: continue threshold-less (a subsequent master) or through a deficiency program. In the latter case, you have to follow additional courses for a proper connection, in case you want to specialize in a different Master after your Bachelor's degree. Are you a student with a foreign bachelor's degree? Please check 

Career opportunities

There is a continuous demand for engineers in both the Netherlands and abroad: in government, architectural firms, contractors, supply industry, housing associations, research institutes and in education. Your work can be divided into design, consultancy, management, administration and research. Probably one of them will predominate, depending on your own interests.

Progressing directly after graduation

Progressing directly after graduation is possible within TU/e, but you can also opt for a Master's degree programs at the Delft University of Technology or the University of Twente. 
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