Typically Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences in Eindhoven

You will begin your studies by gaining broad basis of knowledge in which all the facets of architecture come forward. You will follow courses such as architecture, engineering, functionality, context, and practical feasibility. You will learn to work in groups and you will specialize yourself within specific architectural disciplines. In this way, you will be able to discuss with team members from different disciplines in an effective way in order to achieve optimal results.


Students of the Bachelor Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences can reflect both hypothetically and practically. As a student Architecture, Urbanism and Building Science you will have to work hard. Affinity with architecture and civil engineering is an advantage.

Duration of the Bachelor's program
The Bachelor's program lasts three years. The Master program lasts two years. After finishing your first year with all program parts, you become the P-diploma (propedeuse). After finishing your Bachelor's program, you are entitled to use the title Bachelor of Science (BSc).