Why Eindhoven?

The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a small-scale university which provides quality education. The TU/e-campus is located near both the train station, as well as the city centre of Eindhoven.

Unique study

The Bachelor Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences is unique. This is due to the broad foundation which is provided at the start that discusses all aspects of the construction of a building. You will get courses about architecture, urbanism and real estate, as well as courses in civil engineering such as building physics, structural engineering and building technology. Furthermore, you will work on design projects, both individual as in teams. After this basis, you will choose a discipline in which you will specialize.

Our teachers and staff are always there for whenever you have questions or need for guidance. It already starts with your enrolment in the Bachelor College, where you and your coach (an experienced teacher) look which study suits you best and how you can best fill your free curriculum. If, during your freshman year, the situation arises where you have the feeling that another study suits you better,  a coach will help you change studies within this year. 

The notebook arrangement is unique for the TU/e. When you start at the TU/e, you can purchase a great notebook for very favourable terms. The notebook comes with the software you will need during your study.


Student Sport Center (SSC)
The TU/e has an extensive sports center for students, where you are able to practice different sports. Sports range from football to tennis and from rowing to golfing!