Architecture, Building and Planning

The globalizing world will increasingly face natural, demographic, societal and spatial developments. In the Master program Architecture, Building and Planning, you will learn to encounter these developments by translating them into smart, healthy and sustainable opportunities for the built environment.

4 Core programs
Within the master’s program Architecture Building and Planning, we offer four core programs:

  1. Architectural Urban Design and Engineering (AUDE): Design the Buildings and Cities of Tomorrow
  2. Building Physics and Services (BPS): Make the buildings and cities of tomorrow energy neutral, sustainable, healthy and comfortable
  3. Structural Design (SD): Innovative structural design, material related research and mechanics applied on structural aspects
  4. Urban Systems and Real Estate (USRE): Creating healthy, safe and viable urban environments to live, work and recreate

The core programs are very flexible. According to your own interests, capacities or other motives you compose your personal study plan. A member of the academic staff will be your mentor and sounding board to discuss your dreams and choices.

Within the master’s program ABP, you can also choose the track forming a condition to register as an Architect or as an Urban Designer in the Register of Architects.

International Experience, Internships and an Honors Program are possibilities our department stimulates and facilitates. It’s up to you whether or not you will broaden or deepen your development as a professional by going abroad, gain experience within a company or get to the ultimate top of your capacities!

Professional opportunities
During the master’s program Architecture Building and Planning, you can develop yourself as a designer, researcher, manager or policy maker in the fields of Architecture and Urbanism, Building Physics, Real Estate, Structural Design and Urban Planning. You will be stimulated to establish cross links between two or more of these disciplines. You will prepare yourself for the challenges that society imposes on you. Specific challenges our departmental community works on are: Quality of Life, Smart Living Environments and Sustainable Transformation.
Also, you can follow our two-year PDEng program Smart Building and Cities as a trainee technology designer. If you decide to study for a 4 year doctorate, this title will give you a sound basis for a scientific career.

Admission, enrollment and tuition fees
If you have more general questions about admission and enrollment or tuition fees, the International Office is more than happy to answer your questions.

If you want to know more about the Master's program Architecture, Building and Planning, please feel free to contact the department's Academic Office We look forward to answering your questions

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