Student reports


"After completing my bachelor's degree, I started on the master's degree program in Architecture, Building and Planning. At this time, I'm graduating in Structural Design. The master's degree is a continuation of the bachelor's in terms of its curriculum, but the depth is much greater and will be beneficial to my motivation. The continuous combination of projects and study subjects means that the study pressure is also significantly higher."

Individual freedom

"What I value about this course is the great freedom I have. What you learn from the projects depends greatly on your attitude, but you are well-supervised by the lecturers. Apart from this project work within your own specialization, there are also a large number of other subjects you can choose from. Within the Structural Design specialization, it is compulsory to do at least one research project. I have been working for three months in the laboratory, something that's totally different to a design project. You choose your own thesis subject and the lecturers supervise you with it. For my subject, I've chosen the development of a new type of wooden flooring. This is a practical assignment involving both design and research aspects."

The business world

"Apart from my own personal development, I find it important that I'm working on something that's actually in demand. After I graduate, I hope to enter the business world. I don't yet know if I'll look for a job at an engineering firm or a contractor."