Why study Construction Management & Engineering in Eindhoven?

If you choose Construction Management & Engineering in Eindhoven, you choose an interdisciplinary program about building management with a scientific and technical focus. The courses and projects are provided in partnership by two departments, each with its own competence profiles, traditions and networks. This not only ensures that the program is of high quality, but also that it is highly interesting and stimulating. The level and contents of this program are assessed each year by representatives from the profession. This means that graduates of the Master's degree program are assured a highly valued certificate.

At TU/e the specialization of CME is specified as: ‘Construction Management & Urban Development' (CMUD). The scientific and social relevance is beyond doubt and offers long-lasting career opportunities for CME graduates of the TU/e. CME graduates find jobs at: engineering consultancy offices, governmental institutes, start-ups, and contractors. This applies to all students, irrespective where they come from, because the CME program has a very international scope. These prospects are evidenced by the CME alumni association.

CMUD at TU/e has a unique position, not only in terms of its existence in the Netherlands, but also in terms of its scientific embedding at TU/e. It involves a cooperation between two domains of science: Built Environment and Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences.

The CMUD program has a clear scientific signature: strong involvement with research activities, organized and captured within two research schools: DDSS and Beta. CME students can be involved in state-of-the-art research projects and learn from top researchers in the field.