Elphi Nelissen ranked nr. 1 among the top women in Eindhoven

Dean of the department Built Environment and professor of Building Sustainability, Elphi Nelissen, is the most influential woman in Southeast Brabant, according to the Eindhoven city glossy magazine Frits. The magazine’s 2016 issue of Eindhoven’s Top 50 women and Top 50 men included ten nominees from TU/e. Toon Gerbrands (Managing Director of PSV) was ranked first among the men.

This year’s top 50’s were announced in the Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven. Elphi Nelissen is pleased with her position as number one. “I hope that being chosen as top woman will inspire more young women, especially to choose a career in technology and science. It is vital for our economy that we can train more engineering (female) graduates."

A total of ten TU/e colleagues find themselves in the FRITS Top-50's. In 2015 Jan Mengelers, president of theTU/e Executive Board, topped the men’s list. 

Frits Magazine has published an annual top-50 influential men and women in the Eindhoven region since 2008. After a short interruption, the magazine is back where it belongs. The list was drawn up on the basis of a number of criteria, including how influential and engaged the nominees are in the social, economic and community developments of the region. Income, capital and property play no role in the list.