BSc and MSc courses

Building Services and Physics in the Bachelor's Program

The discipline of Building Physics and Services (BPS) is well integrated in the Bachelor Major Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences (AUBS).

The focus of attention of BPS is on physical aspects and processes to support and design healthy, comfortable and sustainable indoor and outdoor built environments. BPS relates to heat and moisture transfer in building constructions, urban physics and wind engineering, indoor air quality, building performance, lighting, building and urban acoustics, heating, ventilation, airconditioning and materials.

In the Bachelor program, three compulsory courses are lectured on BPS subjects, see below. Besides, the project work in the Bachelor program includes BPS components as well: the BAU-studio in year one, the projects in year two, the multidisciplinary project in year 3 and the Bachelor End Project in year 3.

Coherent Packages

If you are interested in BPS, your focus in the projects can be directed towards this discipline. Finally, in a range of BPS elective courses are available, as listed below. Some of these courses are part of one of the following BPS related Coherent Packages, of which the first package is recommended for students interested to continue with the Master’s specialization BPS.

Coherent - Building Physics: Building and Environment

Coherent - Building Physics: Building, Climate and Systems

Coherent - The Liberation of Light

Coherent - Building Physics: Science of Sound and Music

Optional BSc courses

Master's specialization in Building Physics and Services

BPS is a specialization in the Master Architecture, Building and Planning. In this specialization, a range of Master’s courses are available, have a look at the education guide for the full program.

Compulsory MSc courses

Optional MSc courses