Building Materials

The chair Building Materials includes one full and three assistant professors and 23 externally funded post-doc/PhD/researchers positions. The group offers lectures, study projects, and lab exercises in bachelor and master programs of the department with respect to building materials and sustainable building.

The research interests include the development of new building materials composed of cement, gypsum, lime and cementitious by-products, such as concrete, cement-wood composites, autoclaved aerated concrete and stabilized waste. Fundamental physical and chemical know-how, e.g. on particle packing, physical transport phenomena, and (de-) hydration reactions, is developed both experimentally and theoretically, and is implemented in numerical design tools.

A scientifically and technically driven design and production methodology is followed to obtain more sustainable, durable and functional building materials and products. They are designed, applied, produced and tested on their physical, mechanical, chemical and sensory properties, both indoor and outdoor. These innovations are encouraged by changing regulations and standards that are becoming more performance-based rather than prescription-based. It has been seen that these changing regulations and standards enable performance-based recipes rather than prescriptive-based recipes, driving product innovation. The scientifically and technically driven design and production methodology are performed to obtain more sustainable, durable and functional materials and products based on the binders such as cement, hemi-hydrate and quicklime. There are still plenty of practical problems to be solved, scientific questions to be answered, new raw materials that enter the market, and conceivable product innovations, to achieve ‘more with less’.

The chair is involved in the program of the Smart Cities Center

Current members

Faculty H.J.H. (Jos)  Brouwers
dr.Dipl.-Ing. M.V.A. (Miruna) Florea
ir. L.A. (Bert) van Schaijk
dr. Q. (Qingliang) Yu

dr. F. (Florent) Gauvin
dr. K. (Katrin) Schollbach

PhD Candidates

Q. (Qadeer) Alam
V. (Veronica) Caprai
Y. (Yuxuan) Chen
G. (Guillaume) Doudart de la Grée
Y. (Yuri) Hendrix
A. (Anna) Kaja
H. (Hossein) Karimi
A. (Arno) Keulen
K. (Katerina) Kochova
P. (Peipeng) Li
G. (Gang) Liu
E. (Kate) Loginova
S. (Stephan) Lorencik
Z. (Zhengyao) Qu
C. (Chris) Straub
A. (Azee) Taher
P.M.F. (Perry) van de Wouw
W. (Winnie) Franco Santos
X. (Xiaoxiao) Zhang
P. (Patrick) Sturm (external PhD)