Building Services


The challenge for building services engineer revolves on providing healthy and comfortable indoor environments with minimal energy usage. The main educational and research theme for the group is the seamless integration of the building services with design of building. There are two major research directions. The first one embraces the concept of ‘Individual’ comfort system whereby each occupant has control over local climate. This localized control has to be integrated in overall control at room or building level. The second direction of research aims at development of a Distributed Building Energy Management System. The multi-level approach adopted by the group provides good cooperation opportunities with smart power grids and local sustainable power sources.

Research topics:

  • Demand response
  • Energy efficiency
  • Optimal control
  • Thermal comfort
  • Commissioning

Current project-programs:

  • Smart Energy for Building Comfort
  • Integration of ATES into buildings with charging/discharging strategies
  • Interaction between building service control and nanogrid
  • Development of a Micro Grid strategy for Process Control on Room Level