The AUDE unit (Architectural and Urban Design and Engineering) is one of the four units of the Department of the Built Environment. Spatial design is both the raison d’être of the unit as a whole as well as the binding force between the chairs. The chair of Architectural History and Theory (AHT) focuses on the exploration of architectural history, theory, philosophy, and heritage studies. The daily practice of teaching and research reflects the natural interplay between these disciplines, and their relation to architectural and urban design. Within the culture and profession of design the chair takes on both a supportive and a critical role. Through a process of reflection it seeks a discursive approach to design. As far as teaching is concerned the chair contributes to curricular courses as well as to seminars and design studios. The research program of the chair has been accommodated within the Living Cities research program of the unit and pursues both fundamental scholarship as well as societal valorisation. A critical and autonomous role for research is encouraged while the chair aspires to involve itself in public debate. Research is conducted within academic circuits while public venues are a fitting podium for its valorisation. It is for this reason that architectural criticism is seen as one of the core activities of the chair.