About Structural Design

Structural Design deals with the design of the structure of a building, for which not only creativity and technical understanding are important, but also scientific knowledge related to structural mechanics and materials science. Other topics are the use of the building, the management and the maintenance, the climate control, the installations and the building process.

Structural Design is an interdisciplinary teamwork-activity. It is a problem-solving process, which means: reflection, design of possible solutions, selection, execution and improvement.

The structural designer may be involved in the following activities. Design, Development and evaluation of solutions. Development and improvement of building products. Research into material properties. Development of design codes which describe the behaviour of structures.

The area of interest of the group is not only the traditional structure of steel or concrete but also light weight structures. In the materials area the interest is not only related to traditional materials but also to e.g. bamboo as a building material for developing countries.

The unit has the following chairs:

To perform research the unit has her own laboratory: Structures laboratory Eindhoven