Masonry Research Areas

Overall stability of masonry buildings:

  • Masonry walls in low and medium rise buildings: load-bearing capacity and stiffness
  • Reinforced and prestressed masonry shear walls : shrinkage, creep, bending capacity and stiffness, shear strength, construction detailing
  • rectangular bi-axially loaded masonry columns: σ-ε-diagram and second order effects
  • stability elements in masonry with complex forms: second order effects

In-plane flexural strength of masonry walls (fx3): analytical modelling and experimental verification

Wall-floor interaction: eccentricities in masonry walls for different kinds of joints

Load-bearing capacity of steel lintels: lateral torsional buckling and simplified design rules

Hybrid masonry structures: infilled frames and deep beams, design rules based on experimental results and construction detailing

Movement joints in masonry structures: time-dependent material properties and boundary conditions on crack control of masonry veneers

Load-bearing capacity of walls with thermal break: compressive strength, shear strength, long term behaviour, eccentric loading

Laterally loaded masonry walls: load-bearing capacity of cavity walls with large cavities and various types of masonry

Concentrated loading on masonry walls: verification of design rules and investigation into load-bearing capacity of masonry walls using centring neoprene strips.