Smart Cities Program Eindhoven (SCP/e) aims at developing long-term strategic partnerships with industry, research institutes and governmental organizations. Examples of organizations collaborating with the SCP/e include:

  • Fraunhofer IAO
    The city of Eindhoven, Brainport Development, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Fraunhofer Morgenstadt together envision a regional Smart Society & Smart City competence centre. 
  • KPN
    A flagship has been set up between KPN and TU/e. For SCP/e this means several PhD positions will become available and will also be financed. 
  • SPARK campus
    The collaboration with Spark Campus entails several Impuls Living Lab projects in which 20 PhD candidates are involved. 
  • B5 Municipalities
    The B5 municipalities are interested to initiate smart city projects in their municipalities. Eindhoven and Helmond are further avanced as they already carry out projects at Strijp-S, Stratumseind, Eckart-Vaartbroek and Brandevoort (Brainport Smart District). 
  • Brainport Development
    Together with Brainport Development several smart city projects are initiated in the Brainport Region of which Brainport Smart District is an example. 
  • Universities of Tilburg and Utrecht
    Where TU/e focuses on engineering technologies, the universities of Utrecht and Tilburg focus on social sciences which also play a big part in smart cities. Because how are smart city technologies integrated in society and what effect do they have on people? 
  • BOM
  • 4TU
    4TU has pooled its research activities in 4TU Research Centres. By working together, the four universities of technology strengthen their research activities, which enables them to carry out outstanding international-level and socially. 

Organizations interested in collaboration are invited to contact the SCP/e.