Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Department of the Built Environment is an external committee.


The Advisory Board provides requested and unrequested advice to the Department of the Built Environment, aimed to allign the contents of the educational programs with the requirements of the functional practice.


The Advisory Board consists of a minimum of 4 and a miximum of 8 members. The Board appoints one of her members as chairman. The members are chosen to form a representative reflection of the functional practice of the architectectural engineer. 





Mr. J. Wiedenhoff


Partner and Senior Advisor




Mr. L.J.T. van der Els



Mr. C.J. van Driel



Mr. L. van der Kemp

Van der Kemp Management & Consultancy

Managing Director

 Ms. N. Sijtsma


(Central Government Real Estate Agency)

 Director of Transactions and Development

Mr. B. Dirrix

Diederendirrix ArchitectenbureauArchitect

Mr. S. Mast

Smits van Burgst

General Manager

Mr. H. van den HeuvelSollianceDirector
Mr. J. JanssenBrabantKennis/ University of Wageningen (WUR)

Managing director (BrabantKennis) and Special professor Spatial planning and cultural heritage (WUR)

Mr. P. UyttenhoveGhent University

 Professor Theory and History of Urbanism

Mr. B. SpieringDe Bouwagenda

Program Director



Mr. G. Schmitt

ETH Zürich

Professor Information Architecture




Installation and resignation
The term of the members of the Advisory Board is 4 years, with a maximum extension of one term and resignation takes place according to a schedule such that a maximum of two members step down simultaneously.

- Advising the Faculty Board regarding required by the building industry profile of the graduates of the faculty, especially the education package of the various specializations.

- Advice on initiating new programs or specializations.

- Advice on research policy, in particular by the construction industry or government required research themes.