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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Haarbosch, L.D. BPS Secretary VRT 6.08 Email to Haarbosch, L.D.
Haastrecht, F.W.M. van DO OBP VRT 1.11 +31 40-247 3338 Email to Haastrecht, F.W.M. van
Habraken, ir. A.P.H.W. SD UD VRT 9.30 +31 40-247 3964 Email to Habraken, ir. A.P.H.W.
Hak, ir. C.C.J.M. BPS UD ECH 1.01 +31 40-247 2997 Email to Hak, ir. C.C.J.M.
Hamers, K. MSc AUDE OWP VRT 0. Email to Hamers, K. MSc
Hammink, J.H.W. MSc AUDE OWP VRT 0. Email to Hammink, J.H.W. MSc
Han, B. USRE PhD Stud. VRT 8.09 +31 40-247 5963 Email to Han, B.
Han, dr. Q. USRE UD VRT 8.12 +31 40-247 5403 Email to Han, dr. Q.
Harmsen, L.T.J. BPS Secretary VRT 6.08 +31 40-247 2400 Email to Harmsen, L.T.J.
Hashemi, S.B. MSc SD PhD Stud. VRT 9.09 Email to Hashemi, S.B. MSc
Havermans, ir. D.W.Q. USRE PhD Stud. VRT 8.35 +31 40-247 2937 Email to Havermans, ir. D.W.Q.
Havinga, ir. L.C. AUDE OWP VRT 7.25 Email to Havinga, ir. L.C.
Heidari Jozam, M. USRE OWP VRT 9.09 +31 40-247 4894 Email to Heidari Jozam, M.
Heijnsbergen, J.T.F. van DO OBP VRT 1.11 +31 40-247 3925 Email to Heijnsbergen, J.T.F. van
Heijs, dr. W.J.M. USRE OWP VRT 8.34 +31 40-247 3386 Email to Heijs, dr. W.J.M.
Hendriks, ir. E. AUDE PhD Stud. VRT 7.09 Email to Hendriks, ir. E.
Hendriks, N.A. BPS HGL em VRT 6.09 +31 40-247 3350 Email to Hendriks, N.A.
Hendrix, Y. MSc BPS PhD Stud. VRT 6.09 +31 40-247 8613 Email to Hendrix, Y. MSc
Hensen Centnerová, L. BPS UD VRT 2.08 Email to Hensen Centnerová, L.
Hensen, J.L.M. BPS HGL VRT 6.18 +31 40-247 2988 Email to Hensen, J.L.M.
Hermans, ir. K. AUDE OWP VRT 7.36 Email to Hermans, ir. K.
Herpen, ir. R. van BPS OBP VRT 6.09 Email to Herpen, ir. R. van
Hilhorst, ir. W. AUDE OWP VRT 7.13 +31 40-247 4031 Email to Hilhorst, ir. W.
Hoek, ir. J.W. van den AUDE PhD Stud. VRT 0. Email to Hoek, ir. J.W. van den
Hoes, P. BPS UD VRT 6.25 +31 40-247 2273 Email to Hoes, P.
Hofmeyer, H. SD UHD VRT 9.32 +31 40-247 2203 Email to Hofmeyer, H.
Hoof, J.J.P.M. van AUDE OWP VRT 7.36 Email to Hoof, J.J.P.M. van
Hooff, T.A.J. van BPS UD VRT 6.35 +31 40-247 5877 Email to Hooff, T.A.J. van
Hornikx, M.C.J. BPS UHD VRT 6.17 +31 40-247 4236 Email to Hornikx, M.C.J.
Hosseini, S.M. AUDE PhD Stud. VRT 0. Email to Hosseini, S.M.
Houben - Verhees, H.A.M. DO OBP VRT 2.12 +31 40-247 3471 Email to Houben - Verhees, H.A.M.
Hout, ir. N.H.A.M. van BPS OBP ECH 0.01 +31 40-247 2700 Email to Hout, ir. N.H.A.M. van
Hove, ir. B.W.E.M. van SD UD VRT 9.18 +31 40-247 3852 Email to Hove, ir. B.W.E.M. van
Huisman, ir. E.R.C.M. BPS PhD Stud. ECH 0. +31 40-247 2700 Email to Huisman, ir. E.R.C.M.

Total persons: 34