Events from 27 August 2017

( Events from 27 August 2017 to 26 October 2017 )
  1. Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Summer School

    - 09:00 | 17:00

    High school students spend four days working in a group of, on average, eight pupils on an interesting project within the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry department.

  2. PhD Defense J.A. Medrano Jimenez MSc

    16:00 | 17:30

    Membrane-Assisted Chemical Looping Reforming From Fundamentals To Experimental Demonstration

  3. PhD Defense M.A. San Pio Bordeje MSc

    16:00 | 17:30

    Unravelling the origin of the redox kinetics behavior of oxygen carriers for chemical looping combustion

  4. PhD Defense L. Shen MSc

    16:00 | 17:30

    Drawn Melt-Crystallized Linear Polyethylene Visible-Light Transparency and Surface Micro-Patterning

  5. Master's Graduation Ceremony CEC

    15:00 | 18:30

    Master's Graduation Ceremony department of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry

  6. PhD Defense M.A. Moradi MSc

    16:00 | 17:30

    Functional Nanomaterials and Nanocapsules Application of semi-quantitative imaging on multi-component nanosystems

  7. Science Festival

    12:00 | 17:00

    During the 'Weekend van de Wetenschap' (Science Weekend) TU/e opens its doors to the public. Anyone who is interested can come and take a look around the TU/e campus.

  8. Information Days Bachelor's programs

    - 09:00 | 16:00

    During the Information Days, you will find out everything there is to know about our undergraduate programs, about different career options and about student life in Eindhoven. In short, you'll get a feel for the place.

  9. Bachelor's Graduation Ceremony CEC

    14:00 | 18:00

    Bachelor's Graduation Ceremony Department of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry