Graduation projects

Aleksei Bolshakov: Design and synthesis of nanostructured zeolites for MTO reaction

Robin Broos: Elucidating the Fischer-Tropsch mechanism on iron carbide surfaces using state-of-the-art computer simulations  

Marco Etzi: Electrocatalysts for Oxygen (and Chlorine) Evolution Reaction

Yanan Gao: Study on spinel supported gold catalysts for alcohol oxidation reactions

Arno van Hoof: Metal promotion in the Silver catalyzed Ethylene Epoxidation

Tobias Kimpel: Structure sensitivity in Fischer-Tropsch-Synthesis

Nikolay Kosinov: Non-oxidative conversion of methane to higher hydrocarbons

Panos Kouris:Setting up the base for the first lignin biorefinery: From lignin to biofuels and chemicals

JinXun Liu: Au particle size effect for CO oxidation

Lingqian Meng: Synthesis of hierarchical ZSM-5

Freddy Oropeza: Understanding the surface chemistry of artificial leaf systems

Xianhong Ouyang: Wood to Simple Aromatics: Delignification and Reductive Lignin Depolymerization

Alexander Parastaev: Plasma catalytic CO2 hydrogenation into valuable products

Roderigh Rohling: Developing reactivity theory for biomass conversion over Lewis-acid zeolites

Douglas Romero: Noble metal bifunctional catalysts for the hydrocracking of long linear n-paraffins

Giulia Spezzati:Study on noble metals-ceria interface during oxidation reactions

Yaqong Su: The possible active sites and mechanism for methane oxidation over Pd/CeO2 surface

Ilker Tezsevin: Density Functional Theory Study of Propylene Epoxidation

Evgeny Uslamin: Biomass conversion by porous oxides

Wilbert Vrijburg: Deriving structure-activity relationships for Ni catalyzed hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions

Jan Wiesfeld: Novel inorganic oxides for biomass conversion

Longfei Wu: CVD growth of multilayer sulfide films for water splitting under solar irradiation

Miao Yu: Reduction of CO2 to Olefins via Methanethiol

Long Zhang: NO reduction and CO oxidation by Pd cluster on CeO2 (111)

Yue Zhang: Earth-abundant TM phosphides & sulfides as electrocatalysts for water splitting

Jiadong Zhu: Novel catalyst for low-temperature CO2 hydrogenation to methanol

Bart Zijlstra: State-of-the-art computer simulations to explore the Fischer-Tropsch mechanism on Cobalt