Masters University Study Guide: Chemical Engineering prolongs title 'top program'

The Master's program Chemical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology is once more rated as ‘top program’ in the Masters University Study Guide 2016, which means it is among the best in the Netherlands. The Master's program Chemical Engineering is the only chemistry related master in the Netherlands with the title 'top program'.

The Eindhoven Master's program obtained a final score of 78 points and leaves therefore the comparable Master's programs in Chemical Engineering in Enschede (70), Delft and Groningen (both 62) behind. The Master's programs in Chemistry gained scores between 56 and 72. 

Foundations Study Guide
The Masters University Study Guide 2016 is compiled by an independent editorial board of the Center for Higher Education Information in Leiden. The guide makes a systematic quality comparison of related studies in higher education. The figures in the study of Masters programs is 70% based on the opinions of the students, from the National Student Survey 2013 to 2015, the national inquiry among students in higher education. For the remaining 30%, the figures are based on assessments of the NVAO, the national approvals body for higher education.

Masters University Study Guide
The University Study Guide is an independent guide that describes and assesses all acknowledged studies in the Netherlands, appearing annually in five editions from intermediate vocational to Master’s level. The figures represent a summary in a single total score of between 20 and 100 points whereby various criteria are considered. The educational program (including testing) must have sufficient ‘level’ and coherence, and students sufficient useful contact hours with their teachers. There must also be enough focus on academic and scientific education as well as application-oriented knowledge and competencies. Furthermore, a study must contain clear rules and offer appropriate facilities – from teaching rooms to a digital learning environment.

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