CLIB membership for Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

CLIB2021, in full Cluster Industrielle Biotechnology e.V., is an international partnership in the field of industrial biotechnology between large companies, SMEs, research institutes and universities. The Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Department of Eindhoven University of Technology has now joined this association, which originated in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Regional cooperation within Europe, among others in the Bioinnovation Growth mega-Cluster (BIG Cluster), is becoming increasingly important. In addition, the research themes of CLIB2021 fit in well with the research of the department, as a result of which the membership has added value for our scientists.

About CLIB2021
The core activity is to initiate R&D consortia. The partners come from leading research institutes and various industry branches. They cover the entire value chain from biomass via intermediates to final consumer products. Managing the partnering process is the task of our cluster.

We foster science and research through our CLIB-Technology Cluster based at renowned universities and science institutes. Their key technologies polyomics, expression, biocatalysis and downstream processing cover the process-chain from feedstock via bio processes to final bio products.