The Chemical Reactor Engineering cluster consists of three research groups: the Chemical Reactor Engineering group (SCR-CRE) headed by John van der Schaaf, the Micro Flow Chemistry group (SCR-SFP) headed by Assoc.Prof.dr. Tim Noël, and the Interfaces with Mass Transfer group (SCR-SIM) headed by Prof.dr. Cees van der Geld. The groups aim to perform high-quality scientific and technological research in the chemical reactor engineering sciences with specific emphasis on the design, development, and operation of microfluidic processing systems, microstructured reactors, high-gravity high-shear reactors and structured multiphase reactors.

The research focuses on understanding and controlling the interaction of physical transport phenomena, catalytic activity, and reaction and separation processes for a wide range of applications and processes. Using this knowledge, we develop novel reactor concepts and integrated process options, combining reactions with separations or multiple reactions in a single device.

The group's mission is to be among the world's top academic research groups in its field and to be leading in the development of novel technologies for new, highly efficient, inherently safe, and robust (micro)structured multiphase processing systems, which show the best productivity by a dedicated design of all relevant dimensions and optimum choice of dedicated operational procedures.