Biomass Valorization

The utilization of lignocellulosic biomass as a renewable feedstock for the production of green chemicals and fuels is recognized one of the key approaches to contribute to low-carbon economy and sustainable chemical industry. Research activities within IMC focus on rational design of new and improved catalytic systems for the efficient and selective conversion of cellulosic and lignin fractions of biomass to value-added products. The starting point for our research is the development of deep fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of catalytic reactions at the molecular level. This allows us not only to identify the factors that govern the selectivity and reactivity patterns of particular processes, but also formulate design rules for the improved catalytic systems. In our research we effectively combine advanced synthetic and spectroscopic methodologies with state-of-the-art computational chemistry.

The research topics addressed are:

  • Conversion of carbohydrates to platform molecules for bulk chemicals production
  • Depolymerization and upgrading of lignin to liquid fuels
  • Novel catalyst concepts for biomass valorization

IMC Contact:

Prof. dr. ir. E.J.M Hensen

Dr. E.A. Pidko