Porous Materials

Microporous and mesoporous inorganic materials play an important role in gas separation, catalysis and nanotechnology.  The broad range of applications of these materials stems from the possibility to tailor their physicochemical properties not only by modifying their chemical composition, but also by engineering their nanostructures. The related research in the IMC group focuses on synthesis of new classes of nanostructured materials and on the development of molecular level understanding of the principles underlying the assembly of porous materials and their catalytic reactivity.  Special focus is on the hierarchical structuring and active site engineering. The research activities involve development of new synthetic methodologies for structuring and modification of porous materials, their advanced characterization, computational modeling and studies related to catalytic reactivity and reaction mechanisms in confined space. Most of the projects benefit from the close synergy between the experimental and theoretical approaches.

The main topics addressed are:

  • Synthesis of novel microporous and mesoporous materials
  • Mechanism of assembly of porous materials
  • Hierarchical structuring of porous materials
  • Structure and reactivity of active sites in zeolites
  • Theory of Brønsted acidity of aluminosilicates