The chair Membrane Materials and Processes of Eindhoven University of Technology focuses on the multidisciplinary topic of the design and development of polymer membranes to separate molecular mixtures for sustainable processes.


Application areas are Water and Energy, with a strong focus on recovery and reuse of resources, the valorization of waste streams and energy efficient processes.

It aims at tailoring membrane chemistry and morphology to control mass transport in macroscopic applications and combines and integrates material science and process technology. New and modified polymers serve as building blocks in membrane development. Produced membranes will be applied in sustainable process applications or combined with other unit operations, e.g. reaction and separation. Application studies provide direct input and directions for membrane structure optimization and for modification or chemical functionalization of polymer chemistry.


Next to fundamental academic research, valorization and application-oriented research in close collaboration with the process and manufacturing industry is carried out.

The two key pillars of the chair are chemistry and process technology for a sustainable future. This is reflected in the research portfolio that is positioned in the context of the concept ‘recycle, reuse, reduce’. ‘Closing cycles’ and ‘value from waste’ are leading themes in the research program.