About Research Group Multiphase Reactors

The Multiphase Reactor group (SMR) focuses on fundamentals of the discipline of chemical reaction engineering. Our main area of interest is the quantitative description of transport phenomena (including fluid flow) and the interplay with chemical transformations in multiphase chemical reactors.
The generation of new knowledge and the development of new reactor models with improved predictive capability for this industrially important class of chemical reactors constitutes an important goal of our research activities. Through the co-operation with other (application oriented) research groups, both fundamental aspects and those closely related to applications are studied through concerted action.

SMR Chairs and personnel

SMR Chairs and personnel (who is who)

The group consists of two chairs: Multiscale Modelling of Multiphase Flows (SMM, prof. Hans Kuipers) and Process Intensification (SPI, prof. Martin van Sint Annaland). An overview of staff and number of personnel is given below.On your left you find a link to all staff per group.