SPI - Chemical Process Intensification

Chair/professor: Prof.dr.ir. Martin van Sint Annaland                                                              Assistent professors: Dr. F. Gallucci and Dr. I. Roghair

The chair on Chemical Process Intensification is part of the laboratory of Multiphase Reactors (SMR) at the faculty of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The main objective of the new research group is the development of novel multi-functional reactor concepts based on improved fundamental knowledge using validated advanced (multi-phase) reactor models. This is achieved by employing a combination of state-of-the-art numerical models (at different levels of detail adopting the multi-scale modeling approach), advanced (non-invasive) experimental techniques and experimental demonstration of novel reactor concepts (proof of concept).

Important research themes are:

Integration of reaction and separation, with a main focus on membrane reactors and chemical looping processes:

-     Packed bed and fluidized bed membrane reactors for many different applications (e.g. hydrogen production, syngas production, oxidative dehydrogenations, partial oxidations) exploiting conversion and selectivity improvements via selective reactant dozing or product extraction; An important research objective is to study in detail the improvement of fluidization characteristics via insertion and especially permeation of gas through submerged membranes in (micro) fluidized bed membrane reactors.

-  Chemical looping processes integrating air separation and CO2 capture exploiting oxygen transport via solid carriers. Both interconnected fluidized bed systems and the in-house developed CLC process with dynamically operated fixed beds are intensively studied.

-        Sorption Enhanced Water-Gas Shift (in close cooperation with ECN).

  •  Integration of endothermic and exothermic reactions, (e.g. rapid cycling reverse flow reactor to couple the endothermic propane dehydrogenation with the exothermic combustion of methane/carbon deposits, packed bed membrane reactor with a dual function catalyst to couple the oxidative coupling and steam reforming of methane).
  •  Integration of heat exchange exploiting dynamic reactor operation (e.g. reverse flow (membrane) reactors and dynamically operated packed beds e.g. cryogenic separation of CO2 from flue gasses and chemical looping combustion for electricity production).
  •  Exploitation of liquid injection in fluidized gas-solid suspensions (e.g. induced condensing agents in gas phase polyolefin reactors using the heat of evaporation to cool the reaction mixture and steam reforming of liquid fuels).

 Together with dr. Fausto Gallucci and dr. Ivo Roghair we commit ourselves to the development of novel technologies for new, more sustainable, highly efficient, inherently safe, and robust integrated (multi-phase) processing systems. With the close collaboration within the SMR group and the excellent infrastructure at TU/e we look forward to the future.