MST is an interdepartmental laboratory. Started within the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (ST), we broadened our scope to the areas of biomedical engineering (Department of Biomedical Engineering, BMT) and physics (Department of Applied Physics, TN). As a result, a complementary team of scientists is collaborating energetically in a broad set of activities in the area of molecular science and engineering. To actively involve young undergraduate students, we created the Spinoza Institute in 2002, where these students participate in research projects of MST. In MST, four full professors are active:
Bert Meijer – Macro-Organic Chemistry (ST and BMT)
René Janssen – Molecular Materials and Nanosystems (ST and TN)
Rint Sijbesma – Supramolecular Polymer Chemistry (ST)
Luc Brunsveld – Chemical Biology (BMT)