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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Kamath, S.S. smm PhD Stud. STO 1.22 Email to Kamath, S.S.
Kampen, ir. J. van spi PhD Stud. STO 1.26 Email to Kampen, ir. J. van
Kamps, ing. J. SMO PhD Stud. STO 1.46 +31 40-247 4816 Email to Kamps, ing. J.
Kanungo, S. MSc SCR PhD Stud. STW 1.26 +31 40-247 8655 Email to Kanungo, S. MSc
Kempen, K.T. van PPD TOIO STW 2.01 Email to Kempen, K.T. van
Keurentjes, J.T.F. SCR HGL STW 1.41 +31 40-247 4959 Email to Keurentjes, J.T.F.
Kevenaar, K.J.W. SBC STG STO 3.43 +31 40-247 4083 Email to Kevenaar, K.J.W.
Khramenkova, E. SMK PhD Stud. STW 3.3.29 Email to Khramenkova, E.
Kimpel, T.F. SMK PhD Stud. STW 3.36 +31 40-247 8514 Email to Kimpel, T.F.
Kingma, W.J. SFB OBP STW 0.21 +31 40-247 3942 Email to Kingma, W.J.
Kleijwegt, ir. R.J.T. MSc SCR PhD Stud. STW 1.25 +31 40-247 4668 Email to Kleijwegt, ir. R.J.T. MSc
Koets, ir. P.P. SOI OWP STW 2.47 +31 40-247 3533 Email to Koets, ir. P.P.
Kolb, G.A. sfp HGL STW 1.41 +31 40-247 8518 Email to Kolb, G.A.
Kollau, ir. L.J.B.M. SPC PhD Stud. STO 2.38 +31 40-247 8809 Email to Kollau, ir. L.J.B.M.
Kong, G. MSc smm PhD Stud. STO 1.22 +31 40-247 8199 Email to Kong, G. MSc
Koppen, L.M. van MSc SMK PhD Stud. STW 3.26 Email to Koppen, L.M. van MSc
Kordnejad, M. MSc spi PhD Stud. STW 0.56 Email to Kordnejad, M. MSc
Kors, J.P. spi OBP ST 0.49 +31 40-247 8261 Email to Kors, J.P.
Kosinov, dr. N. SMK OWP STW 0. Email to Kosinov, dr. N.
Kouris, ir. P. SMK PhD Stud. STW 4.39 +31 40-247 2287 Email to Kouris, ir. P.
Kouwen, E.R. van MSc SCR PhD Stud. STW 1.21 Email to Kouwen, E.R. van MSc
Kragt, A.J.J. MSc SFD PhD Stud. STO 0.39 +31 40-247 2574 Email to Kragt, A.J.J. MSc
Kramarenko Logvynenko, A. SCR PhD Stud. STW 1.25 +31 40-247 5371 Email to Kramarenko Logvynenko, A.
Kroon, M.C. SEP HGL STO 1.22 +31 40-247 5289 Email to Kroon, M.C.
Krooshof, drs. G.J.P. SPC PhD Stud. STO 2.39 Email to Krooshof, drs. G.J.P.
Krzelj, V. PDEng SCR PhD Stud. STW 1.24 +31 40-247 5507 Email to Krzelj, V. PDEng
Kuijpers, ir. K.P.L. sfp PhD Stud. STO 1.38 +31 40-247 2992 Email to Kuijpers, ir. K.P.L.
Kuipers, J.A.M. smm HGL STW 0.44 +31 40-247 4158 Email to Kuipers, J.A.M.
Kulkarni, dr. C. -Meijer PD STO 4.44 +31 40-247 2450 Email to Kulkarni, dr. C.

Total persons: 29