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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Lafleur, S.S.D. SFD PhD Stud. STO 0.24 +31 40-247 8795 Email to Lafleur, S.S.D.
Lamers, B.A.G. SMO PhD Stud. STO 4.46 +31 40-247 3912 Email to Lamers, B.A.G.
Landman, dr. J. SPC PD STO 2.43 Email to Landman, dr. J.
Laudadio, G. sfp PhD Stud. STO 1.39 +31 40-247 3431 Email to Laudadio, G.
Laumen, B.S.G. SMP STG STO 1.29 Email to Laumen, B.S.G.
Laven, dr. J. SMG UD STO 2.42 +31 40-247 3682 Email to Laven, dr. J.
Leclere, P. SFD OWP STO 0.23 Email to Leclere, P.
Leenaers, ir. P.J. SMO PhD Stud. STW 4.39 Email to Leenaers, ir. P.J.
Leijten, Z.J.W.A. MSc SMG PhD Stud. STO 2.23 +31 40-247 8032 Email to Leijten, Z.J.W.A. MSc
Li, B. MSc SMO PhD Stud. STO 3.50 +31 40-247 2834 Email to Li, B. MSc
Li, dr. M. -Janssen PD STW 4.39 Email to Li, dr. M.
Li, dr. S. SIR PD STW 1.48 +31 40-247 4634 Email to Li, dr. S.
Li, S. MSc SMK PhD Stud. STW 3.25 +31 40-247 5486 Email to Li, S. MSc
Liang, X. spi OWP STW 0.56 +31 40-247 4229 Email to Liang, X.
Lin, L. sfp PhD Stud. STW 1.38 +31 40-247 5290 Email to Lin, L.
Lipman, ing. P.J.L. SCR OBP STW 1.43 +31 40-247 3017 Email to Lipman, ing. P.J.L.
Lira Garcia Barros, R. MSc PPD TOIO STW 2.01 Email to Lira Garcia Barros, R. MSc
Liu, dr. D. SFD PD STO 0.41 +31 40-247 2836 Email to Liu, dr. D.
Liu, dr. J. SMK OWP STW 0. Email to Liu, dr. J.
Liu, J. MSc SMO PhD Stud. STO 4.31 Email to Liu, J. MSc
Liu, X. SFD PhD Stud. STO 0.36 Email to Liu, X.
Liu, Y. MSc spi PhD Stud. STW 0.26 +31 40-247 3980 Email to Liu, Y. MSc
Lohmeijer, P.J.A. MSc SPM-T PhD Stud. CA 0.3 +31 40-7517674 Email to Lohmeijer, P.J.A. MSc
Loiko, O. SPM-T PhD Stud. STO 1.49 Email to Loiko, O.
Lou, dr. X. SBC OBP STO 3.42 +31 40-247 3112 Email to Lou, dr. X.
Lovreglio, P. MSc smm PhD Stud. STW 0.56 Email to Lovreglio, P. MSc
Lu, J. smm PhD Stud. STW 0.56 +31 40-247 8868 Email to Lu, J.
Lu, N. spi PhD Stud. STW 0.34 +31 40-247 8869 Email to Lu, N.
Lub, dr. J. SFD OWP STO 0.40 +31 40-247 6065 Email to Lub, dr. J.
Lubach, S. SMP OBP STO 0.49 +31 40-247 3546 Email to Lubach, S.
Lugger, J.A.M. -Sijbesma PhD Stud. STO 4.29 +31 40-247 3029 Email to Lugger, J.A.M.

Total persons: 31