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Below you find all full professors of the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry.

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Name Section Chair Tel. number Email
Benthem, prof.dr. R.A.T.M. van SPC +31 40-247 2029 Email to Benthem, prof.dr. R.A.T.M. van
Broer, prof.dr. D.J. SFD +31 40-247 5875 Email to Broer, prof.dr. D.J.
Doelder, prof.dr.ir. C.F.J. den PDEng SPC +31 40-247 2907 Email to Doelder, prof.dr.ir. C.F.J. den PDEng
Gallucci, prof.dr. F. spi +31 40-247 3675 Email to Gallucci, prof.dr. F.
Geld, prof.dr. C.W.M. van der SIM +31 40-247 2923 Email to Geld, prof.dr. C.W.M. van der
Hensen, prof.dr.ir. E.J.M. SMK +31 40-247 5178 Email to Hensen, prof.dr.ir. E.J.M.
Herk, prof.dr. A.M. van SPM-C Email to Herk, prof.dr. A.M. van
Hest, prof.dr.ir. J.C.M. van SBC +31 40-247 3515 Email to Hest, prof.dr.ir. J.C.M. van
Janssen, prof.dr.ir. R.A.J. SMO +31 40-247 4711 Email to Janssen, prof.dr.ir. R.A.J.
Keurentjes, prof.dr.ir. J.T.F. SCR +31 40-247 4959 Email to Keurentjes, prof.dr.ir. J.T.F.
Kolb, prof.dr.ing. G.A. sfp +31 40-247 8518 Email to Kolb, prof.dr.ing. G.A.
Kroon, prof.dr.ir. M.C. spi Email to Kroon, prof.dr.ir. M.C.
Kuipers, prof.dr.ir. J.A.M. smm +31 40-247 4158 Email to Kuipers, prof.dr.ir. J.A.M.
Meijer, prof.dr. E.W. SMO +31 40-247 3101 Email to Meijer, prof.dr. E.W.
Meuldijk, prof.dr. J. spr +31 40-247 2328 Email to Meuldijk, prof.dr. J.
Nijmeijer, prof.dr.ir. D.C. SMP +31 40-247 2871 Email to Nijmeijer, prof.dr.ir. D.C.
Notten, prof.dr. P.H.L. ske (activiteit) Email to Notten, prof.dr. P.H.L.
Schenning, prof.dr. A.P.H.J. SFD +31 40-247 3264 Email to Schenning, prof.dr. A.P.H.J.
Schouten, prof.dr.ir. J.C. SCR +31 40-247 3088 Email to Schouten, prof.dr.ir. J.C.
Sijbesma, prof.dr. R.P. SMO +31 40-247 3111 Email to Sijbesma, prof.dr. R.P.
Sint Annaland, prof.dr.ir. M. van spi +31 40-247 2241 Email to Sint Annaland, prof.dr.ir. M. van
Sommerdijk, prof.dr. N.A.J.M. SMG +31 40-247 5870 Email to Sommerdijk, prof.dr. N.A.J.M.
Tuinier, prof.dr.ir. R. SPC +31 40-247 7345 Email to Tuinier, prof.dr.ir. R.
Voets, prof.dr.ir. I.K. SMO +31 40-247 5303 Email to Voets, prof.dr.ir. I.K.
Weber, prof.dr. T. SMK +31 40-247 8174 Email to Weber, prof.dr. T.

Total persons: 25