Internships and Master Projects

The EES group offers a wide variety of internships and master graduation projects within their three research areas. The corresponding contact persons are mentioned below.

In EMC, we develop advanced modeling and measurement techniques that will help the designers of electronic systems to fully understand and simulate the key factors leading to potential degradation of signals in systems at an early stage of the design process.
For information about projects in EMC, please contact dr. R. Serra.

Research on Intelligent Power Grids focusses on design and operating methodologies for future electricity delivery systems with special emphasis on smart autonomous distribution networks and their interaction with the upper level and customers.
Please contact dr. M. Gibescu or dr. H.P. Nguyen MSc for information.
The research on Pulsed Power Technology concerns three interrelated systems: the power modulator, the interfacing plasma and the target process.
For more information and projects, please contact A.J.M. Pemen.