EES chairman is A.J.M. Pemen.

The mission of this group is to advance the quality of society through education and research that improves electrical infrastructures and develops sustainable technologies needed for the supply and efficient use of electrical energy as part of sustainable, renewable energy systems.

The group EES contributes to the area of electric energy supply and use, through three main research activities:

Sub-themes are: Transition towards new electrical infrastructures; Handling Power Quality issues; Design, control and protection of distribution networks; Performance of components; Pulsed power and transient plasma; Tuned activation of processes by pulsed power; Electromagnetic interference mitigation; Sensors and lighting protection modeling. 

These research subjects are chosen on the basis of the current needs of society and industry, the competencies of our group built in history and the synergy with our colleagues in and outside TU/e.

The group size is around 75 full-time and part-time staff members (professors, associate professors, assistant professors, post docs, PhDs, guests and technical support). The group offers 15 BSc and MSc courses and supervises Bachelor EE and Master EE (Electrical Engineering) and SET (Sustainable Energy Technology) graduation projects.