Intelligent Power Grids

The research on Intelligent Power Grids focuses on design and operating methodologies for future electricity delivery systems with special emphasis on smart autonomous distribution networks and their interaction with the upper level as well as the connected customers. An intelligent network is considered to be self-supporting, self-healing, adaptive and active, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, inherently secure and stable. It fulfils power quality requirements. It operates in a market environment and facilitates the exchanges of electrical energy between continuously varying, highly distributed producers and consumers.

An intelligent grid is also able to connect and to integrate all kinds of energy sources, including renewable and distributed energy sources which will play an increasingly important role in future energy systems. These resources can only be accommodated if the rather passive electricity supply network of today is transformed into an active, intelligent network with many (large and small) actors. 

The actual power delivery performance depends on the reliability of the components used in the network. Research effort is put into the condition of power transformers, the extended application of disconnect switches in high voltage grids, resonant effects caused by substitution of HV lines by cables, and online monitoring of medium voltage cables with respect to degradation. 

The research also focuses on power quality classification, interaction between the network and customer devices, data handling, application of advanced signal processing of electrical signals, and on agent based controls.