Pulsed Power Technology

Supporting a Sustainable Society

The drive towards zero-emission technology, 20% renewable energy by 2020 and 20% energy savings by 2020 is recognized. Technology breakthroughs are needed for these goals. Plasma methods are facilitating to create these changes. Plasmas, chaotic in nature and present everywhere in the universe can be tailor made in the laboratory. Controlled pulsed plasmas create intelligent processing to facilitate the drive towards sustainability.

Examples of such plasma processes are sustainable energy generation (synthesis gas, biogas, biofuels, greenhouse gas reduction), combustion enhancement for automotive (plasma-flame synergy), and sustainable chemical processing (intelligent processing).

The pulsed power research area concerns three interrelated systems: power modulator (1), interfacing plasma (2) and target process (3). Consequently, the efforts will be directed to integrate the three underlying competence areas: plasma physics, pulsed power technology and chemical process technology. The fundamental research will be supported by national and EU grants and will be performed within PhD programs.

A tunable electron cloud is a key fundamental target. One of the interesting topics is the “adaptive plasma concept”, multiple pulsed plasmas with tunable modes. Other alternative plasma concepts, such as combination with catalysis, and combustion flames are programmed in view of the challenging biogas and transport directed applications.