Extreme pulses

In pushing the frontiers of pulsed power technology, experiments have been performed on a ten stage transmission line transformer (TLT), which is the basis for a new unmatched pulse source. A detailed model was designed to take into account the regions of the interconnections between the different transmission lines. To verify the analysis, a full 3D model of the TLT has been simulated in CST Microwave Studio.

The TLT has been built and the first experimental measurements have been performed. The measured output agrees within 15% to the value in the simulations. Several switch configurations have been considered for the input of the TLT. Tests with a multiple-gap spark gap switch showed fast rise times (1ns) but too high impedance (200?). A new design was made for a fast low impedance surface discharge switch.

In the project on streamer branching experimental data were collected to support the advance in streamer modeling. A favorable synergy developed between this work and the research on efficient plasma processing.