Gas conditioning

Biogas/syngas conditioning

Successful large scale application of biogas is only possible when the tar removal problem is solved. Adequate biogas cleaning based on our plasma method has been proven experimentally. In a joint NWO project with the IVTAN Institute Moscow their plasma model was used to investigate the fundamental process. First results are values for process parameters in streamer plasmas in biogas. These values were used as input for detailed kinetic modeling of the tar removal process.


In further research towards sustainable technology the idea to combine plasma processing and catalysis was worked out. A method to incorporate a catalytic surface in a corona plasma reactor has been realized. Pulsed power parameters were tuned to optimize the energy transfer and source-reactor matching under these conditions. Experiments on biogas cleaning for a wide range of parameters have been completed. Results show a strong synergy for most gas compositions. Consequently, energy requirements for biogas cleaning should reduce significantly. However no synergetic effects could be achieved for gas compositions containing hydrogen.