Alumni 2000-2005

Anthony Ng'oma

PhD graduation date:  2005 June 28
PhD thesis title:  Radio-over-fibre technology for broadband wireless communication systems
Presently working as:  Researcher at Corning, USA

Nicola Calabretta

PhD graduation date:  2004 April 13
PhD thesis title:  All-optical header processing based on nonlinear gain and index dynamics in semiconductor optical amplifiers
Presently working as:  Post-doctoral researcher in ECO group at Eindhoven University of Technology

Yong Liu

PhD graduation date:  2004 October 18
PhD thesis title:  All-optical buffering based on nonlinear optical processing with semiconductor optical amplifiers
Presently working as:  Full professor at Chengdu University in China

E. Tangdiongga

PhD graduation date:  2001 June 18
PhD thesis title:  Crosstalk mitigation techniques in multi-wavelength networks comprising photonic integrated circuits
Presently working as Assistant Professor at TU Eindhoven ECO group

J.G.L. Jennen

PhD graduation date:  2000 June 27
PhD thesis title:  Noise and saturation effects in high-speed transmission systems with semiconductor optical amplifiers
Worked as:   Optical networking scientist at Bell Labs Research 
Presently working as:  Regional Product Line Manager for Fibre-To-The-User GPON solutions at Alcatel-Lucent