MSc Graduation project multiple inputs/outputs photonic integrated circuits through polymer

Next-generation optical transport system require for large-scale general purpose photonic integrated circuits (PICs) to enable significant reductions in cost, size and power consumption, while being able to provide varied functionality and high performance. Large-scale PICs require an increasing number of inputs/outputs (I/Os) which is simply not supported by today available packages. For large multistage switching matrixes, for example, performance has been limited mostly due to the high coupling losses (per-fiber alignment tolerances of order of sub-μm) which impact the noise figure at the input of the first SOA and the fiber-to-fiber loss.
The student will develop a new concept for coupling light from PICs to the outside world co-integrating a polymer waveguide, with the intend to move from a low to a high refractive index contrast. The student will have the possibility to work out new light coupling concepts and develop and fabricate them in clean room. Facilities for testing are already in place for a successful concept and implementation.
Preferred skills:
- Affinity with photonics and material techno topics
- Handling, precision, dedication skills for clean room fab work
- Ease to characterize polymer photonic chips

Adds-on :

The student with a worth device concept, after mask design, will get access to clean room facilities to develop his own idea. 

Contact person: 
Patty Stabile (ECO): / Nicola Calabretta (ECO):