Below you find all employees of the research group Electromagnetics grouped by position.

Name Section Position descr. Room Tel. number Email
Bentum, M.J. EM Hoogleraar FLX 9.069 +31 40-247 5472 Email to Bentum, M.J.
Gerini, G. EM Hoogleraar FLX 9.070 +31 40-247 3324 Email to Gerini, G.
Smolders, A.B. Bestuur EE Hoogleraar FLX 9.070 +31 40-247 4807 Email to Smolders, A.B.
Tijhuis, prof.dr. A.G. EM Hoogleraar FLX 9.076 +31 40-247 3800 Email to Tijhuis, prof.dr. A.G.
Visser, H.J. EM Hoogleraar FLX 9.076 Email to Visser, H.J.

Total persons: 5