Robust RFID antennas in complex environments (PASTEUR)

The aim of the CATRENE PASTEUR project was to develop a new wireless sensor platform that enables close monitoring of perishable goods in the supply chain. Since Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used for the wireless communication, it is essential that RFID tag antennas operate reliably in close vicinity of perishable goods.

Typically RFID tag antennas are designed for optimal performance in a free space environment. We have developed a RFID tag antenna that is small (120 x 30 x 1.5 mm) and that has been optimized for operation in complex enviroments, e.g. on meat or water. The isolation of the tag from its environment has been effectively realized by introducing a ground plane and by locating the radiating parts of the antenna away from the tag edges.

We have measured the maximum range of operation of the antenna under different conditions and observed a range of 3 m when the antenna was mounted on raw meat. For state-of-the-art commercial antennas the maximum range was less than 2 m. The pictures show the developed RFID tag mounted on different materials and the measured maximum range of operation under these conditions.