In consumer, industrial, automotive, military and security area, the need for high data rate communication inevitably increases. The Transparent High-speed Data Link (THIDL) design project mainly aims for, but not limited to, industrial environment where the high data rate wireless communication can be adopted to the system which mainly incorporates contactless pair of connectors and devices. In such environment, the Ethernet and sensor network, field bus protocol, and controller area network (CAN) bus are omnipresent facilitating the massive amount of data transfer. Therefore, the high-speed bi-directional communication in contactless environment is required and will support the gigabit data communication. Moreover, the propagation through different media and low-latency contactless communication should be maintained. The design project focuses on the design and realization of the data communication as part of the complex system. The distributed, lumped passive component and antenna system including the chip integration are designed to meet the ever-challenging form factor of its kind and non-traditional requirements.