X-ray sensor readout ADC

Master Thesis Project 

X-ray sensors are widely used by medical specialist and scientists. The readout of an X-ray sensor requires an ADC which sequentially converts the analog pixel voltages to digital values. An example of a readout system is shown in the figure. The 256 parallel channels are processed by an Analog Front-End (AFE). The output of the AFE’s are sequentially connected to the ADC. This 16 bit ADC should be capable of processing all 256 channels in 40μs with a linearity of 14 bits, which results in a sample rate of 6.4MSps.

This graduation project consists of the following tasks: Topology investigation and choice (e.g. SAR, sigma-delta), investigation of time interleaving, design of proof of concept in schematic and layout, investigation of smart methods (e.g. calibration) to improve performance.

The student will learn important skills, such as: structured topology trade-off, high level modeling (Matlab), schematic level design, layout level design, testbench generation for verification simulations, parasitic extraction.

SystematIC design is a design house, specialized in IC’s for sensing, sensor readout, power converters, and other applications. SystematIC has two locations, Delft and Eindhoven, and employs approximately 15 designers.

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