R.M.D.G. (Rosa) Morales Gonzalez MSc - Expertise

Morales Gonzalez, R.M.D.G.  MSc
Address :
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
P.O. Box 513
Department :
Department of Electrical Engineering
Section :
Electrical Energy Systems
Positioncategory :
University Teacher / Researcher (OWP)
Position :
Former Doctoral Candidate
Room :
FLX 2.081
Email :


  • D14330 - Electrical energy technology
  • D14800 - Energy



Rose Morales earned her BSc in Mechatronics Engineering from the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City, and her MSc in Sustainable Energy Technology from Eindhoven University of Technology. For her Master thesis, she worked with RENDO NV on the design of an energy-neutral neighborhood for the city of Steenwijk. She also holds a PDEng degree in Smart Energy Buildings and Cities from Eindhoven University of Technology and the 3TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute. For her PDEng thesis, she worked for COFELY-GDF SUEZ on using a Systems Engineering-based approach to design an ICT architecture for Smart Microgrids in commercial and industrial areas. As of February 2014, Rose is a PhD candidate at the Electrical Energy Systems group, where she is investigating Smart Grid applications for concentrated industrial and commercial areas. Her research interests include (Electrical) Energy Systems, Smart Grids, Virtual Power Plants, and Energy Management Systems.