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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Baars, ir. N.H. EPE OWP FLX 2.088 +31 40-247 3553 Email to Baars, ir. N.H.
Babaev, S. EES PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Babaev, S.
Babar, dr. M. MSc EES PD FLX 2.079 +31 40-247 8257 Email to Babar, dr. M. MSc
Bachnas, A.A. MSc CS OWP FLX 5.080 Email to Bachnas, A.A. MSc
Backx, A.C.P.M. CS HGL FLX 0.155 Email to Backx, A.C.P.M.
Baelemans, R.A.C. MSc EM PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Baelemans, R.A.C. MSc
Baghbanbehrouzian, A. MSc ES PhD Stud. FLX 3.079 +31 40-247 8737 Email to Baghbanbehrouzian, A. MSc
Bai, P. ECO PhD Stud. FLX 9.104 +31 40-247 3672 Email to Bai, P.
Baken, N.H.G. ECO HGL FLX 0. +31 6-51428630 Email to Baken, N.H.G.
Baltus, P.G.M. MsM HGL FLX 7.095 +31 40-247 3393 Email to Baltus, P.G.M.
Bao, J. EPE PhD Stud. FLX 2.122 +31 40-247 3554 Email to Bao, J.
Bao, X. MSc VCA OWP FLX 5.092 Email to Bao, X. MSc
Barakou, F. EES PhD Stud. FLX 2.076 +31 40-247 3560 Email to Barakou, F.
Barzegar, E. MSc EM OBP FLX 9.078 +31 40-247 2909 Email to Barzegar, E. MSc
Baselmans, L. CS Secretary FLX 5.132 +31 40-247 2300 Email to Baselmans, L.
Basten, A.A. ES HGL FLX 4.132 +31 40-247 5782 Email to Basten, A.A.
Bastiaans, M.J. SPS UHD FLX 7. Email to Bastiaans, M.J.
Bastiaens, K. EPE PhD Stud. FLX 2.122 +31 40-247 3554 Email to Bastiaens, K.
Beckers, F.J.C.M. EES OWP FLX 3.78 +31 40-247 5737 Email to Beckers, F.J.C.M.
Beek, M.L.J. van OWI OBP FLX 0.125 +31 40-247 4883 Email to Beek, M.L.J. van
Beek, T.A. van MSc EPE PhD Stud. FLX 2.130 +31 40-247 5552 Email to Beek, T.A. van MSc
Beelen, ir. H.P.G.J. CS PhD Stud. FLX 5.078 Email to Beelen, ir. H.P.G.J.
Beerlage, dr. H.P. SPS OWP FLX 0. Email to Beerlage, dr. H.P.
Belagal Math, C. MSc ECO PhD Stud. FLX 9.085 +31 40-247 5703 Email to Belagal Math, C. MSc
Belgioioso, G. MSc CS PhD Stud. FLX 5.078 Email to Belgioioso, G. MSc
Belt, H.J.W. SPS OWP FLX 7.074 Email to Belt, H.J.W.
Bente, dr. E.A.J.M. PHI UHD FLX 9.101 +31 40-247 5106 Email to Bente, dr. E.A.J.M.
Bentum, M.J. EM HGL FLX 9.069 +31 40-247 5472 Email to Bentum, M.J.
Bergmans, J.W.M. SPS HGL FLX 7.069 +31 40-247 4438 Email to Bergmans, J.W.M.
Bergveld, H.J. CS HGL FLX 5.130 Email to Bergveld, H.J.
Berkol, G. MSc MsM PhD Stud. FLX 7.091 +31 40-247 3008 Email to Berkol, G. MSc
Bernards, ir. R. EES PhD Stud. FLX 3.080 Email to Bernards, ir. R.
Bernas, ir. A. VCA OWP FLX 5.084 Email to Bernas, ir. A.
Besseling, R.M.H. SPS PD GEM-Z 5.86 Email to Besseling, R.M.H.
Beurden, M.C. van EM UHD FLX 9.069 +31 40-247 3976 Email to Beurden, M.C. van
Beuzekom, I. van MSc EES PhD Stud. FLX 2.079 Email to Beuzekom, I. van MSc
Bezemer, dr. R. SPS OBP FLX 7.062 Email to Bezemer, dr. R.
Bhat, A. MsM TOIO FLX 0. Email to Bhat, A.
Bie Dekker, A.J.R. de SPS PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Bie Dekker, A.J.R. de
Biggelaar, A.J. van den MSc EM PhD Stud. FLX 9.080 +31 40-247 4473 Email to Biggelaar, A.J. van den MSc
Blaauwbroek, N. EES PhD Stud. FLX 2.079 Email to Blaauwbroek, N.
Blank, C. SPS PhD Stud. FLX 7.078 Email to Blank, C.
Blom, P.P.M. EES OWP FLX 0. Email to Blom, P.P.M.
Blom, J.H. EPE HGL em FLX 2.124 +31 40-247 3562 Email to Blom, J.H.
Bocharov, I. MSc SPS PhD Stud. FLX 7.060 Email to Bocharov, I. MSc
Boer, J.A. den SPS OWP FLX 7.104 Email to Boer, J.A. den
Bogatu, L.I. SPS PhD Stud. FLX 7.079 Email to Bogatu, L.I.
Bojanic, R. MSc EM PhD Stud. FLX 9.080 +31 40-247 7304 Email to Bojanic, R. MSc
Bokhoven, Y.M.D. van P&O/ee OBP FLX 0.107 +31 40-247 3228 Email to Bokhoven, Y.M.D. van
Bolk, ing. J. -NanoLab@TU/e OBP FLX 9.064 +31 40-247 3191 Email to Bolk, ing. J.
Bonarius, J.H. MSc SPS PhD Stud. FLX 7.062 +31 40-247 3672 Email to Bonarius, J.H. MSc
Bondarau, dr. Y. VCA UD FLX 5.092 Email to Bondarau, dr. Y.
Bonne, ing. H.H. OWI OBP FLX 0.086 +31 40-247 3245 Email to Bonne, ing. H.H.
Boom, ir. H.P.A. van den ECO UD FLX 9.093 +31 40-247 3444 Email to Boom, ir. H.P.A. van den
Boon, prof.dr. P. SPS OWP FLX 7.102 Email to Boon, prof.dr. P.
Boskovic, N. MSc EPE PhD Stud. FLX 2.112b +31 40-247 4157 Email to Boskovic, N. MSc
Bottegal, dr. G. CS PD FLX 5.135 +31 40-247 5193 Email to Bottegal, dr. G.
Bouloukos, A. MSc EPE OBP FLX 2.116 +31 40-247 3565 Email to Bouloukos, A. MSc
Boynov, dr. K. EPE OWP FLX 2.124 +31 40-247 3562 Email to Boynov, dr. K.
Brandt, ir. P. EES OWP FLX 4.130 Email to Brandt, ir. P.
Breaban, G.D. MSc ES OWP FLX 4.076 +31 40-247 8760 Email to Breaban, G.D. MSc
Bree, ir. J.W.M. van EES OWP FLX 0. Email to Bree, ir. J.W.M. van
Breems, L.J. MsM HGL FLX 7.089 Email to Breems, L.J.
Bressner, T.A.H. MSc EM PhD Stud. FLX 9.078 +31 40-247 4302 Email to Bressner, T.A.H. MSc
Brilman, ir. J.J. EPE OWP FLX 2.088 Email to Brilman, ir. J.J.
Bronckers, ir. L.A. EM PhD Stud. FLX 7.072 +31 40-247 2411 Email to Bronckers, ir. L.A.
Bruin, ir. E. de ES PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Bruin, ir. E. de
Burstein, A.W. EES PhD Stud. FLX 3.079 Email to Burstein, A.W.
Butler, H. CS HGL FLX 5.130 +31 40-247 3577 Email to Butler, H.

Total persons: 69